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Here Comes Daredevil!

Daredevil by Mark Waid, Vol. 1 - Mark Waid, Paolo Manuel Rivera, Marcos Martin

I've loved comics for as long as i can remember, and I'm sad to say that (recent) years of never-ending story arcs, dodgy characterisation and perplexing, unsatisfying conclusions have left me quite the jaded, cynical fan at times. Every now and then, though, a creative team comes along that breathes new life into a character and reminds you why you loved comics in the first place. I'm glad to say Mark Waid, Paulo Rivera and Marcos Martin's Daredevil Volume 1 does an excellent job of bringing Matt Murdock back from the dark reaches of Shadowland and the general darkness of most comic universes today (having said that, there are dark elements here as well but they're nicely balanced by lighthearted, heartwarming moments and a generally positive atmosphere where honour and kindness are rewarded and evil is punished...most of the time anyway!). The writing and art are both excellent and achieve that rare and precious symbiosis where the reader is sucked in by the story and the writer and artists seem invisible until you finish and turn furiously to the credits page so you know who to thank for such an enjoyable ride. Can't wait to get started on Volume 2!